Years 7 to 9
Geometry Index

Geometry (Plane)
Adjacent Angles
30 Degree Angle Construction
45 Degree Angle Construction
60 Degree Angle Construction
Activity: Find an Approximate Value For Pi
Activity: Make a Mandala
Activity: The Olympic Athletics Track
Alternate Exterior Angles
Alternate Interior Angles
Angle Bisector Construction
Angles Around a Point Add to 360
Angles on a Straight Line Add to 180
Clock in the Mirror
Complementary Angles
Congruent Angles
Consecutive Interior Angles
Corresponding Angles
Definition of Compass (Drawing)
Definition of Complementary Angle
Definition of Contruction (Geometry)
Definition of Diameter
Definition of Enlarge
Definition of Intersection
Definition of Parallel
Definition of Parallel Lines
Definition of Polygon
Definition of Radius
Definition of Reflection
Definition of Rotation
Definition of Rotational Symmetry
Definition of Supplementary Angles
Definition of Tessellation
Definition of Translate
Definition of Translation
Definition of Transversal
Definition of Vertical Angles
Degrees (Angles)
Exterior Angle
Exterior Angles of Polygons
Function Transformations
Geometry - Reflection
Geometry Resizing
Geometry Rotation
Geometry Translation
Inscribe a Circle in a Triangle Construction
Interior Angle
Interior Angles of Polygons
Line Bisector Construction
Parallel Lines, and Pairs of Angles
Pentomino Challenge
Pentomino Puzzle
Point Symmetry
Point to Tangents on a Circle Construction
Quadrilaterals - Square, Rectangle, Rhombus, Trapezoid, Parallelogram
Reflection Symmetry
Rotation Game
Rotational Symmetry
Same (congruent) Angle Construction
Straight Angles
Supplementary Angles
Symmetry - Reflection and Rotation
Tessellation Artist
Triangles Contain 180 Degrees
Vertical Angles
Vertically Opposite Angles
Geometry (Solid)
Area Calculator
Area of Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Trapezium, Ellipse and Sector
Equations and Formulas
Pouring Liquid
Activity: Investigating Solids
Activity: Soup Can
Cuboids, Rectangular Prisms and Cubes
Definition of Cylinder
Definition of Prism
Definition of Surface Area
Prisms with Examples
Scientific Calculator
Spinning Cone
Spinning Cylinder
Spinning Pentagonal Pyramid
Spinning Square Pyramid
Spinning Tetrahedron
Spinning Triangular Pyramid
Volume of a Cuboid


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